Convenience and security are arguably one of the most important aspects when choosing a service for payments online. There’s the standard array of credit cards, e-wallet solutions and prepaid cards and PaySafeCard belongs to the last category. It mixes convenience and safety so perfectly that players are especially delighted to use it on a regular basis.

We will look “under the hood” of PaySafeCard’s methods – what makes them so desirable for everyday use, what advantages do they offer and where can they be obtained.

History and overview

Started back in 2000 in Vienna, Austria, PaySafeCard as a brand quickly managed to snatch a significant portion of the online market by providing a quick, easy and simple way of paying online without any constraints what so ever. It is this simplicity that soared the company’s brand so high amongst its competitors – that and the almost unparalleled safety. This stems from the fact that a prepaid card from PaySafeCard does not require any info from the consumer – warranting the risk for online intrusions or hacks to zero.

How it workstitle]

In order to obtain a PaySafeCard, one doesn’t need a complicated set of bank insurance, applications or additional fees – simply buying the prepaid card grants the consumer virtual currency that can be spent at any supported online establishment (that being an online casino or a shop). The great thing about PaySafeCard for players is that is supported by a vast majority of gambling sites and the actual process of using it is very simple (just enter the 16 digit code and you are all set!). The only limitation is the prepaid card’s cash amount (PaySafeCard only comes in variety of $10 – $75) but players can obtain more than one card and use it regardless.

Availability and services

Currently, over 350 000 places around the globe sell PaySafeCard prepaid in over 50 states (the USA isn’t part of their network though) so it is fairly easy to deduce that if you want to get your hands on a prepaid card of this kind, you only need to ask around.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, PaySafeCard is considered one of the safest and most reliable money services for use online since it is virtually un-hackable (no data of the consumer online means any data to be stolen / compromised). That in itself is the reason why so many casino players opt for this prepaid solution instead of more standard e-wallets / credit cards. Also, the rate at which the prepaid funds are available is quite astonishing since once registered (at the casino or shop) it will become ready in several minutes.

Finally, the only possible drawback to this method is that it does not support withdrawals (since it is prepaid) and it comes in a limited amount (the $75 amount might not satisfy players who want to play with bit deposits). Still, others prefer this approach since it won’t overtax their play session if they are on a losing streak.