A convenient and reliable way to use your bank funds for online and offline payments – credit cards have always been popular amongst consumers and players for various reasons. In this article we will examine two contenders and rivals – Visa and Mastercard. Each will be examined in more detail, including the brand’s portfolio, the process of obtaining one, the characteristics of each card and its pros and cons. Let’s get started.

History and overview

Visa has been an easily recognized brand for many years, and their excellent credit card portfolio is being expanded in many countries around the world. Their Visa Electron is an award winning debit card that is available in the majority of countries in the world and its excellence comes in the form of simple convenience (having your bank account’s cash available at a moment’s notice, anytime, anywhere). This is especially viable to casino players since Visa Electron is virtually everywhere in the gambling world.

Mastercard on the other hand, have a firm grasp of the market, with popularity that extends way above 300 different casinos around the globe. This alone speaks to the fact that players prefer Mastercard as their “go to” payment method, because of the convenient depositing methods for many players at once.

How it works

Depositing with the Visa Electron is fairly easy and straightforward. The only thing that needs to be kept in order is the balance (Visa Electron does not allow for topping of the current balance on the account so keep that in mind). The rest is easy – simply log in your casino account, play for money and when at the cashier, choose the designated payment method (in this case, Visa Electron). You will be prompted to enter your name, expiration date of the card and other details. Once everything is registered, the last thing to do is to enter the deposit amount and you’re all set for your new depositing account.

The process for depositing with a Mastercard is fairly similar to the one explained above so we won’t bore you by repeating it in another paragraph.

Pros and Cons

Both Visa Electron and Mastercard are famous for their hassle-free and almost instantaneous deposit options. Just shift through the required information at the cashier and you are all set. That and the sheer availability of online casinos that accept deposits from both Visa Electron and Mastercard. The same can be said for their security protocols employed to keep the funds at check and not allowing for any data loss during transactions.

However, both cards do have some minor disadvantages. For instance, applying for a Mastercard can be quite a process (making a request, signing contracts and actual deliver might span a few weeks) and both cards are not approved for making withdrawals (so make sure you check the casino’s policy on the matter).

Finally, while their security is unquestionable, using both cards for deposits at several casinos at once can still pose a certain risk to your bank account’s security so keep that in mind.